The project within Contributor.Link all offer unique opportunities to make the world a better place! We are pleased to be working with these fantastic communities!

Arbor Chat

Arbor is a free and open chat system structured to provide clear, high-context communication in a user-respecting way.
Needed: Golang software developers, UX designer, technical writers


We are an open source software health and sustainability project, affiliated with the CHAOSS Project.
Needed: Testing, documentation, deployment, marketing, software engineering (debugging), front end design


Cboard is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) web app for children and adults with speech and language impairments, aiding communication with symbols and text-to-speech. This versatile application has been designed with the support of UNICEF and provides a unique voice for those who wish to communicate using the application’s language platform.
Needed: Marketing/social media content creators, code contributors, proofreaders


ChRIS is a general-purpose, open source distributed data and computation platform primarily aimed at improving medical research.
Needed: Front end developers, openstack/openshift devops, docs, UX

Eclipse Che

Cloud IDE manager for development teams.
Needed: Documentation writers, testers, code contributors


Elün proposes the use of photos taken by visitors of Protected Areas, plus information provided by their cell phone sensors, to create a monitoring system. Which will be aimed at research and subsequent decision-making for the conservation of biodiversity in these places. The concept of participation is called «Citizen Science». The project includes the creation of a system that processes the images obtained through image recognition. It proposes an interface (web) that organizes the information temporally and geographically for the dissemination and analysis of experts and enthusiasts.
Needed: AI developers, marketing specialists, graphic designers


The Fedora Join Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to set up and maintain channels that let prospective contributors engage with the community. The Fedora Join SIG enables people looking to join the Fedora community to converse with existing members, make friends, find mentors, and get a feeling of what and how the community does in general. The Join group also helps connect folks with first tasks for contribution.
Needed: Many contributors


Gluster is a scalable, distributed file system that aggregates disk storage resources from multiple servers into a single global namespace.
Needed: Linux system programmers


Free and open source office suite – successor to OpenOffice(.org).
Needed: Developers, designers, testers, translators, doucumentation writers, and help with marketing and infrastructure


Meshery is the open source, service mesh management plane for enabling the adoption, operation, and management of any service mesh and their workloads.
Needed: Community managers and ambassadors, documentation using video and other media, user ambassadors (designing new user guides and example flows for how to use the project), bloggers, technical writers

Project Thoth

Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse and recommend Software Stacks for Artificial Intelligence applications.
Needed: Python developers, machine learning developers, cloud native devops

qAIRaMap Open Source

qAIRaMap Open Source is a project developed with the mentorship of UNICEF that is based in two repositories. It’s a real-time website for monitoring air quality and it consists of the following features: Real-time data from qHAWAX modules and Andean drones; downloading of historic data; and visualization of results in Google Maps.


QIoT Project

The “Quarkus meets IoT” community project puts together subject matter experts from the Quarkus area and the IoT / Edge Computing area to PoC use cases from the datacenter side to the IoT device side using Quarkus and a bunch of enterprise products from the Red Hat portfolio.
Needed: Quarkus developers, Web developers

The Qubinode

Our project aims to make it easy for anyone to set up an OpenShift cluster. Red Hat has a ton of solutions for OpenShift in the cloud, but on-prem requires expensive hardware, proprietary software licensing, subscriptions, some consulting time and expertise to set things up given the complexity of the technology. This creates a barrier to entry for most people who are curious and/or wanting to explore at home or in the lab. To solve this problem, we developed the Qubinode. It is an easy to set up development kit powered by Red Hat products.
Needed: Setting up a testing infrastructure. Creating a CI/CD pipeline, where we can consistently run the qubinode-installer to deploy the supported products.


Stop-motion animation application for kids.
Needed: Java coders, UI code (not UX, we have a non-coder who works with school children with very specific ideas of how the application should function)


The task management application you will love. Know what to do. Don’t be afraid of forgetting something. Achieve peace of mind.
Needed: Mobile apps developers (Android and iOS), UI/UX, designers, and functionality developers


We are a UNICEF Innovation Fund portfolio software house specializing in developing rehabilitation and therapeutic solutions, with a focus on learning and developmental challenges.
Needed: Copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, web developers, concept artists, game designers, marketing specialists, medical sales specialists, digital marketing professionals, UI/UX specialists, explainer video designers and editors