When members of Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office and Open Studio teams came together to seek new initiatives around Red Hat’s Code is Open campaign, it soon became clear that building on the work of the original OpenHatch project would be such an initiative. After learning more about the origins and mission of OpenHatch from some of the original project maintainers, the inspiration of OpenHatch’s incredible work lifted us to create Contributor.Link.

Building stronger communities

Contributor.Link, like OpenHatch, will create connections between developers and projects, but it won’t stop there. All contributors, no matter their field, can be linked to recipient projects. Open source projects are not about only coding anymore, and the most successful and healthy communities use many talents and skills to thrive and grow. Like OpenHatch, Contributor.Link will focus on bringing more diverse contributors to participating projects and encouraging those projects to create processes that will make it easier and more welcoming for all contributors to get started.

We’re looking forward to meeting new community members and forging the links to build stronger communities.